bird with french fry

{expecting just a little too much from the wounded}

I really wish I wasn't tired all the time,
or in contant pain,
or with irrational, swirling, spiking emotions.

I wish I could easily go to the doctor,
I wish I had a car of my own,
I wish I could find and get to a therapist.

well, I feel a bit better getting that out there.

I'm generally positive now,
but every now and then,
you just need a good bitch.

hope you choke

{wishing the bathwater clean, she hides in the back and is unseen}

my ex, Eddie(sexual assualt), decided to message and try to add me on facebook.

just seeing his face again,
was awful.
why won't he just go back to fucking arizona and stay his ass there?!

I blocked him,
deleted the message.

"I'm sorry if you felt that my kisses hurt you."
fuck you.
I don't owe you anything,
not an explantion or a chance.

2 years ago,
he woke up a bloody,
horrible slew of memories,
and triggered a break down which caused most to leave.

I will never return to that place ever again.

I'm at a low atm.
more memories are approaching,
my stress always brings flashbacks.

and now I must keep dispair from overwhelming me.

maybe I'll start looking for therapy a little earlier.
I was planning to start when I started school,
in september.

I don't know....


{sister sleep}

I'm tired.
I wake up tired.

found out megan(old friend from hs) and I have an uncanny amount in common.
down to wanting a moogle tattoo on our boobs. xD

I'm going to the comic book store with her and her friends on monday,

I'm so very excited! :D